You know what asshole, you’re going to lose me one day. I am so tired of your attitude. You’re like a little boy that needs to get his way or he throws a huge fit. I don’t need to be babysitting. I need someone who can keep up with me. I’m sorry I can’t be the ideal girlfriend who stays home unless you are with me. Or the one that never dresses uo unless you’re there. Excuse me if a girl wants to feel pretty every once in a while. You just piss me off so much some time. My heart has grown cold. Your immature moods don’t get to me anymore. I have shed enough tears for you. I’m done.

Jul 28
Tumblr is perfect for when you want to rant

I am so tired of this. I’m so tired of your jealousy and the fact that you can’t recognize when your wrong. Why can’t you just be more undertsanding? I never had to go through all of this with the other guy. I never cried myslef to sleep for the other guy. I hope one day he can forgive me. I would never go back to him but now I got a glimpse of what he must have gone through and I feel like the worst person on earth. What kind of a creature am I? I think all this pain is my karma, so I embrace. I deserve everything that happens to me. I need to be a better person and start thinking about how my decisions affect others. Why are you like this? Sheena is right. You shouldn’t be like this. Maybe i just don’t make you happy enough. Maybe it really isn’t meant to be. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

Jun 15
Jun 7


Chris Hemsworth as Kale in A Perfect Getaway

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Jun 7

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Funniest movie ever!
May 20

Funniest movie ever!

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I feel like everyday is getting worse and worse between us. I don’t get excited when you text me because I’m scared to read something negative. The excitement is wearing off and it’s terrifying me. The love I have for you is still burning the same, if not stronger. But I feel like you’re getting tired of it all. I’m not making you happy anymore.

God please give me the strength I need. I just want to sleep. Sleep my days away.

May 10

Here we go again. The same exact routine. You overreact about something and completely give me the cold shoulder. How many times have I told you that hurts the most? Not being able to know what’s wrong. It makes me feel like I’m not good enough. That you don’t care what happens to me. That you don’t really, truly love me. You only think you do. When I get upset I never shut you out. But I guess not all of us can handle things like adults. And not only do you hurt me, but you still yet like to humiliate me. You’re ridiculous. I have cried more for you than any of the other guys put together, and that says a lot. I’ve only known you for 8 months. I hate that fact. You make me the happiest yet most miserable person on earth. Just with simple words you crush me like a bug. I used to be so strong. So sure of myself. Not anymore. I feel lost. I feel like running away from you and this roller coaster of a relationship. Sad thing is, I haven’t even been with you for long. Maybe this whole thing has been about sex. The way we started our relationship was not healthy. I know that. I regret it. You know, I’m gonna say it. I regret meeting you, period. Andrew never made me feel this miserable. He gave me my share of problems but by this point I would have broken up with him and life would be stress free. Why do you like to hurt me? Why do you like to think about me crying? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t do these things. I love you. I am madly in love with you. I believe everything you tell me. “I would do anything for you. You mean the world to me. You’re my girl. I would never hurt you. I want to spend years with you. Your voice is all I need. You’re my everything.” Bullshit. You don’t know how real those words were for me. You’re just a little boy who doesn’t know what love really is. You wouldn’t have me the way I am. I wish I could be strong enough to be an asshole back, knowing that could mean this ending. But I can’t. I can’t imagine being without you. I know it sounds insane, stupid really. But that’s how I feel. I know I could live without you, let’s not be dramatic here. But my life would just not be the same. And I can’t have that. I think the worst about all this is feeling like maybe I’m the one that’s not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not skinny enough. Not busty enough. Too short. Too naive. Too untalented. Not spontaneous enough. Not sexy enough. Not fun enough. And makes me think that maybe I should just let you go. Let you find the girl who fits exactly what you look for. You deserve it. I love you enough to let you go and do that. My goal in life is to see you happy. If I’m not doing that, then I’m failing and I need to let you go.

May 9
Why can’t they stay like this forever? 😢 (Taken with instagram)
Apr 17

Why can’t they stay like this forever? 😢 (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram
Apr 12

Taken with instagram

Fuck this

Apr 6